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Born in Altai Siberia, Russia, on April 5, 1978, OKSANA (Oksana Yurievna Kolesnikova) was introduced to the piano at a very young age by her parents, who had noticed in her an exceptional interest in music. She started her first lessons at the Alma-Ata School of Music in Kazakhstan and won her first piano competition at age 9.

   In 1993 she moved with her family to the United States and settled in Tampa Bay, Florida, where she currently resides. Graduated with honors from Florida State University in August 2001 where she studied under some of the finest music professors.

   Oksana studied classical music for 17 years. She won several competitions and earned prizes, scholarships and earned much publicity with the media. However, she became very popular when she merged from being strictly a classical pianist to the versatile contemporary artist she is today. With a colorful repertoire ranging from Baroque to Rock 'n Roll to her original works, Oksana wows audiences with her trademark passionate playing, beauty and a down-to-earth personality.

  Her first European tour will include appearances in Holland, England, Germany, France and Italy. Often referred to as 'The Queen of Keyboards" Oksana is known to startle her audiences with her versatility and elegant outfits, performing on anything that sports a keyboard, from Bösendorfer Imperials to strap-on midi controllers, to church organs, to harpsichords. OKSANA has just released two CDs, "Free Floating" - her first collection of original compositions, and 'Angelic Winters' - several classical and folk songs she grew up with when living in Russia. Both CDs are available for purchase at Borders Books & Music, during live performances, or can be purchased at the online store.

   OKSANA has a 14 year-old brother, Erik and a 15 year-old sister, Sofia, talented musicians as well. They are featured as guest artists in the first "OKSANA" recording, released in 2000 and in 'Angelic Winters."

   When not performing, Oksana is busy in her studio recording and/or practicing for a minimum of eight hours a day, seven days a week. She's now working on several popular contemporary songs and famous Spanish/Latin hits for two new CDs to be released in late 2003.

   Besides her lifelong passion for music, Oksana shares a passion for literature, Italian, dancing, (salsa & merengue) going to the movies during her breaks from the piano. She lives in Tampa Bay, Florida with her husband of three years and their two cats.


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