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Terms for Affiliation and Listings with Independent-Artists

    1.    Artists and agents of artists affirms they assume all royalty costs and liabilities for works they perform or represent, which were written and published by third parties.  Artists and agents of artists also affirms they will clearly and professionally identify the writers and owners of all works belonging to 3rd. parties.  Artists and their agents therefore indemnify and hold harmless Independent-Artists and Griffin Entertainment, its owners and agents from all issues, costs and liabilities relating to the writer, publisher and performance rights ownership and damages claims of every description for any works.

    2.    Artists and agents of artists affirms that they will pay all royalties due to any third party owner of works in a timely manner, with emphasis to any work products they sell as the result of their listing on Independent-Artists.

    3.    Artists and agents of artists affirms that they will ship all CDs or artist product sold, where payment has been received, within 48 hours, or 72 hours during a holiday weekend.  Artists and agents of artists further affirms they will have an ample supply of CDs or artists product available to meet demands, or to supply the 3rd. party distributor in a timely manner.

    4.    Artists and agents of artists affirms that all CDs sold, handled, processed and shipped by artists or their designee are their sole liabilities and that Independent-Artists and Griffin Entertainment are therefore indemnified and held harmless in actions brought by 3rd. parties for product delivery failure and quality claims and that Independent-Artists and Griffin Entertainment may also recover any losses incurred, by any such actionable event.

    5.    Artists and agents of artists affirms that Independent-Artists reserves the right to place on-line CD sales/distribution with any 3rd. party firm for distribution, processing and payment at their discretion and may add others in the interest of expanding sales.  Independent-Artists and Griffin Entertainment reserves the right to negotiate private agreements, whether it be affiliation and sales through Amazon.com or others and to make a profit on these agreements and sales and to expand the distribution and sales for artists interest also.

    6.    Artists agree to share with the studio musicians, who contributed to create the work product, emphasis those projects which are recorded through Independent-Artists or any of the businesses in the Griffin Entertainment Group, a rate of union scale, plus 2% of sales and any available publishing royalties for core players (drums, bass, guitar, piano) and 1% for all other specialty players and background singers (up to limit of 15%).

    7.    Artists who use services directly provided by Independent-Artists and Griffin Entertainment, such as production, publishing, studios, studio-musicians, will further sign contracts, per project, with the terms, covenants, stipulations and conditions set forth therein to define relationships and responsibilities.  Production through Independent-Artists or Griffin Entertainment does not automatically guarantee artist to be primary feature artist with listing on Independent-Artists or any property, virtual or real, of Griffin Entertainment.

    8.    Independent-Artists reserves the right to accept, refuse, suspend or revoke any artist, company, or agent for artists for advertising, publicity or participation of any form whatsoever.

    9.    Independent-Artists and Griffin Entertainment reserves the right to negotiate terms and conditions with artists, agents and advertisers on an individual basis.

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